Canna Australia 2 Seeds Bulbs Dark Purple to Near Black Leaves. Now Shipping PDOQGYWQH

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A knock-out canna with foliage so dark, its almost black. The leaves have a teal blue sheen on top and reverse to purple-maroon. Late summer brings crimson red flowers that draw hummingbirds Plant Australia with dahlias for a sensational late summer show. Tissue culture-grown in Israel and virus-tested. This is by far the most spectacular purple-leaved canna in the trade. The tall ‘Australia’ boasts large showy lily-like flowers of deep red, which contrast nicely with its dark purple to nearblack leaves. Cannas are easy-to-grow large tropical to sub-tropical herbaceous plants. Most species originate from tropical America, but almost all cultivated varieties are hybrids. Where hardy, they are grown as perennials and in colder regions they are commonly grown as vigorous tender perennials. The exciting ‘Australia’ features deep dark leaves and clustersof red flowers that appear from midsummer to frost but may flower nearly year around in exceptionally mild climates. Its flowers are borne atop tall upright stems and attract insect pollinators and hummingbirds.Canna is amazingly adaptable. Plants prefer full sun and rich moist to wet soil but can be surprisingly drought tolerant if faced with a bout of dry weather.The thick fleshy rhizomes of cannas transplant and divide easily. In temperate zones, they may be dug and brought into a cool, dry garage or basement to over winter and then planted again in spring after the last frost date. Use these in containers, waterside gardens or as focal points in any bed or border. Because cannas dwell in both wet soil and dry, they are perfect for water garden settings, though they will not tolerate deep standing water.Our seeds/bulbs are guaranteed to be fresh but are NOT guaranteed as to results. Sorry, but there are too many variables in gardening that can impact germination. Flower seeds/bulbs are a live organism. Their germination depends on many factor including heat, cooling, sun, shade, moisture, time of sowing, etc. None of these things We can control so We can not be held responsible for them. So please do not ask for a refund, replacement or to return unused seeds/bulbs

Canna Australia 2 Seeds Bulbs Dark Purple to Near Black Leaves. Now Shipping PDOQGYWQH

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