Ceramic Water DispenserGold Marble WBRUZKMXR

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Skillfully handmade porcelain dispenser with decal Gold MarbleWide top opening comes in handy when adding ice, fruits, or placing another 3-5 gal bottle up-side-down. Great for home/office/in-outdoor/reception/functions…Dishwasher safe; yet, highly recommended hand-washProtection ring and faucet are made from BPA Free plastic. Perfect for Kombucha tea brewers.Not included accessories: ceramic lid, counter or floor wooden stand, water bottles

Can be used as a stand-alone unit over the counter.
Wooden counter stand, floor stand, bottles, and ceramic lid are sold separately as optional accessories.
Area clearance is appx 11x11x11.
Note that marble patterns are vary each batch. It is a unique feature of the marble design.

Ceramic Water DispenserGold Marble WBRUZKMXR

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