Cork Tray Round 320 DIA X 32MM JBESSSRJY

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Made of Fine Grain CorkEco-friendly productPerfect to carry hot or cold dishes, pots and pansNaturally Resistant to liquidsEasy to wipe clean

Serve your guests in style with the Cleverbrands Round Cork Tray. Perfect for serving cocktails, tea and even cookies and milk, the Round Cork Tray is an eco-friendly accessory you or your home can’t do without. Made of 100% fine grain cork, this is a deep tray that features rounded corners and a wonderful smooth texture that will be a functional necessity in no time! This product can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. This Cork tray is approximately 13 (330.2mm) in diameter and 1.25 (32mm) thick.

Cork Tray Round 320 DIA X 32MM JBESSSRJY

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