Countryside Square Tub Planter White 14-Inch AEXCIUEKT

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Sturdy Planter, Constructed from Lightweight MaterialContains Deep Root Zone, Keeping Plants Healthy and VibrantSoft Matte Finish, Traditional Look for Either Indoor or Outdoor useProudly Made In USA14” x 14” x 13”

Constructed from a superior plastic blend, the Countryside Tub Planter is built with a deep root zone, giving plants, small trees, and shrubs room to grow stronger and healthier roots. Built-in feet provide proper airflow and reduces the chance of water pooling under the planter. These versatile planters can be placed in your house, on your deck, or patio. When using outdoors, holes on the bottom of the planter should be punched or drilled out for proper water drainage. The decorative, functional, and lightweight Countryside Tub Planters are UV-protected, recyclable, and proudly made in the USA. Dims. (LxWxH) Soil Capacity* 14x14x13 18 quarts

Countryside Square Tub Planter White 14-Inch AEXCIUEKT

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