Debbie Meyers Kake-Kutr and Kake-Kuvr Set HQTMUPKFV

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Kake Kutr Made High Quality Flexible Stainless Steel BladesKake Kutrs Hold Easily And Securely For ServingCrystal Themed Kutrs And KuvrsKuvrs Display For Your Cakes With Style And EleganceIncludes 2 Kuvrs - Rectangle: 8.5 x 13, Round: 8.75

Debbie Meyer's Kake-Kut'r set is perfect for cutting even-sized and shaped pieces with sureness and security. Includes Sheet, V-Shaped and Loaf-Style Kake Kut'rs. The Kake-Kut'r is a breeze to use. Cut and serve perfect pieces of cake every time. Expertly cut exactly the size slice each guest wants...easily, skillfully and professionally. Effortlessly glide through a cake. Then with a gentle squeeze of the Kake Kut'r handles, lift the the slice on a plate and simply release the handle... a perfect piece of cake every time!

The Kake Kuv'r Set is the perfect way to display your cake with a sense of elegance and beauty, but is extremely easy! Simply place your cake on the desired tray (round or rectangle) and decorate! Included feet give you the option to raise the cake and present it in a delightful setting. Includes (2) Kake Kut'rs - Round and Square, and (2) Kake Kuv'rs - 8.95 Round & 8.5 x 13 Rectangle

Debbie Meyers Kake-Kutr and Kake-Kuvr Set HQTMUPKFV

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