Desert Steel Small Blue Agave Torch PZGMUMXWK

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LIFELIKE CACTUS PLANT – Shake things up in the garden with this blue agave cactus, a native of the Sonoran Desert region. This lifelike piece adds texture and interest to any yard or garden.YARD ART – Perk up that bare spot or dry patch with one of these beauties. Unique in shape, texture and color, the blue agave complements other plants and shrubs in your outdoor spaces.OUTDOOR SCULPTURE – Inspired by nature, skilled craftsmen shape each piece in this wonderful sculpture, copying in detail the perfection of each pointed leaf and flower of the blue agave cactus.HANDCRAFTED METAL ART – Crafted by artisans, this Blue Agave décor will transform your home or backyard into a southwestern oasis. The patina finish gives this art piece a vibrant look full of color and life.

Blue Agave Torch (Small)

Desert Steel Small Blue Agave Torch PZGMUMXWK

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