Drinking Pitcher Mugal Jug Indian Copper Tableware Collection for Ayurvedic Benefits HDVTDRHMR

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Hammered Copper Water Jug for Ayurvedic Benefits No Inner Liner Copper Pitcher ANTIQUE DESIGN Inspired by medieval Mughal water vessels; Brings something stylish to the tableARTISAN CRAFTED Handmade copper jug water pitcher is produced by skilled Indian craftsmenGENEROUSLY SIZED FOR SERVING Holds 2000mL of water; Measures 9.7 Inches in height by 3.74 Inches in diameter, WEIGHT- 810 GramTRADITIONAL AYURVEDIC DRINKING PITCHER Store water inside over night to reap the health benefits of copperBEAUTIFUL COPPER KITCHEN DECOR Display this drinking water filter pitcher between uses as a decoration

In the traditional natural healing practice of Ayurvedic medicine, copper vessels are commonly used to hold water. Practitioners of Ayurveda believe that storing water in copper pitchers over night imparts the refreshing drink with copper minerals, providing numerous health benefits. Western science has shown that copper can be used to make an alkaline water pitcher that is healthy for the body.

Whether youre looking to experience the health benefits associated with copper water pitchers or simply want a unique metal water pitcher with which to serve guests at the table, the Handmade Indian Copper Water Pitcher Party Tableware is the perfect solution. This stunning water pitcher is produced out of 100 percent genuine copper using traditional handcrafting techniques just like the ones that have been used to produce Ayurvedic copper water pitcher vessels for centuries.

The Handmade Indian Copper Water Pitcher is inspired by medieval water pitchers, giving it a unique character that makes it as much of a decorative display as it is a functional piece of copper tableware. The pitcher has a hammered finish that reflects the light beautifully, and its base and handle are constructed out of high quality bronze with a stunning gold tone. Large enough to hold 2000 milliliters of water, the pitcher is 10.75 inches tall by 3.5 inches in diameter.

The pitcher can pour roughly eight standard 8-ounce servings of water, so its perfect for entertaining. You can use this copper water pitcher with any water glasses, but it looks especially stylish when placed beside the ShalinIndia copper water glass, sold separately.

Experience the health benefits of a copper water pitcher made the traditional way--by hand from start to finish! Impress your guests with a beautiful metal water pitcher that makes pouring a simple glass of water a stylish task. Order the Handmade Indian Copper Water Pitcher now!

Drinking Pitcher Mugal Jug Indian Copper Tableware Collection for Ayurvedic Benefits HDVTDRHMR

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