KINTO Teapot Atelier Tete Pebble Brown XRAQBZMFV

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Size: φ65 x H 105 x W 160 mm / 500 ml, Material: porcelain, 18-8 stainless steelCountry of Origin: Japan (porcelain), China (18-8 stainless steel), Manual: Japanese(But, easy to use)Microwave oven OK (porcelain only), dishwasher / dryer OK When heating with a microwave oven please use with the strainer removed.Quick quenching may cause breakage. Do not touch it with a wet cloth while it is hot, or place it in a wet place.There are variations in texture, such as color unevenness of glaze and gloss.

It was named Pebble (Pebble), with a ragged and round design, a matte texture with a handsome image, imagining a pebble that was rounded with babbling.
A deep strainer can make tea with delicious tea leaves open enough.
About texture
Because tetes finishes are finished by hand work, variations in unevenness of glaze and gloss, each texture can be seen.
Also, there may be a scooped expression on the surface, but this is a change in the glaze caused by the kiln adjustment.

KINTO Teapot Atelier Tete Pebble Brown XRAQBZMFV

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