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Do You Like to Party Coolballer from Coolpartee is the perfect way to help you impress your guests and create that perfect experience. Ensure you buy the brand that is synonymous with Cool Parties and be introduced to a range of products being developed to help make your next party the coolest.Coolballer creates 4 large ice balls in one freeze session allowing you to spend more time enjoying the party. Use multiple Coolballers to help prepare for those larger celebrations. Get Creative - add fruit and other garnishes to your Ice Balls - see imagesCoolballer makes perfectly sized 4.5cm slow melting ice balls that will reduce the dilution of your favourite drinks, keep your drinks colder for longer and fit almost any glass you choose to use.Coolballer is made from BPA Free, food grade, flexible silicone which means that your Cool Balls will not only be safe but easy to make.Buy Coolballer risk free - 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Coolballer Helps You Host Super Cool Parties

Coolparteewas createdto help our customershost unforgettable parties. Coolballer is the first of many products we plan to produce that will help you createthatgreat party experience. The Coolballer ice balls will not only add a touch of class to your next cool party but also improve your guest’s drinking experience. Their drinks will be kept super cool, with minimal dilution allowing them to experience them as they wereintended.

Be wary of cheap imitations, Coolballer is fully guaranteed and will be sure to enhancethe party experience at your next event.

Order now in preparation for your next Cool Party or better still send as a gift to a friend so you can enjoy the Coolballer experience as a guest.


Coolballer produces large ice balls that last longer than standard cubes keeping your drink cooler and potent.
Get creative and customise your ice balls with garnishes (Lime, Olives, Mint leaves, Strawberries, Coffee beans etc.)
Save on expensive ice presses and single ice ball molds.
Add class and cool novelty to any occasion. Use with your finest whiskey or most colourful cocktails.


Coolballer ice ball mold makes 4 x 4.5cm ice spheres helping you prepare for the bigger occasions.
Flexible mold makes it easy to release the ice balls and keep them intact.
Sealed and balanced tray reduces risk of leaking or tipping whilst freezing.
Two silicone trays that are dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Risk free - 100% satisfaction guarantee

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ScanWood Olivewood Wooden Soup & Cooking Spoon w Round Head Set of 3 UCDVXHWGO

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